About us

Fertilife Benelux B.V. is a granular fertilizer plant based in the Netherlands. The company is a part of the international group of companies “Agrofertrans”. We supply our plant nutrition products worldwide providing farmers with access to high-quality fertilizers and ensuring the basis for successful, sustainable and environmentally safe agriculture.

About us
Plant complex

The plant complex produces granular ammonium sulphate. A high level of automation provides environmentally friendly logistics, safety for workers and cost-efficient factory performance. The plant includes a production building, a sophisticated conveyor system and 2 production lines. The production process is environmentally friendly, with no emissions, no waste, no by-products, and no negative impact on the environment.

Plant complex
Main features
125,000 t
Plant capacity
30,000 t
Warehouse capacity

Our advantages

Our advantages

Advantages of the location

Additional warehouse capacity at the Terminal of Verbrugge. Verbrugge International B.V. is a leading full-service logistics provider in the strategic heart of Northwest Europe, right at the North Sea coast.


The port's capabilities allow to load commodities onto ships of different types and sizes, and for packing the product.


Low costs for transportation of raw materials and final product by ship and barge.


Cooperation with the Terminal for logistic and storage services has been agreed for 10 years.

Industrially and logistically developed region.

Proximity to sales markets.

Finlandweg 11, 4538BL Terneuzen, the Netherlands.
+31 (0) 115 74 50 98
For Sales information: Contact the official distributor Sunfert S.A.
18, Boulevard Georges-Favon, CH-1204 Geneva , Switzerland
+41 79 674 39 64, +41 22 321 81 48